Points of interest

Your Holiday Home between Ostia and Rome

Book your stay in Ostia Lido, the sea of ​​Rome.

When the heat becomes unbearable, many take the opportunity to go to the sea, and saying sea in Rome is equivalent to saying Ostia. The Lido di Ostia is, in fact, the closest seaside resort to the capital and the most popular and loved by the Romans, full of bathing establishments, hotels, restaurants and nautical clubs.

Built in the early 1900s, in the 1930s Ostia was twinned with Rome, becoming a real district of the capital where architects and engineers created modern buildings, squares, bathing establishments, as well as road networks connecting with the city.

For some years now, the new Port has also been built in Ostia, which welcomes boats of all sizes, offering travelers from all over the world the opportunity to disembark in Rome and enjoy its wonders, without having to abandon the charm of the sea.

Points of interest:

Fishermen's village, The Borgo Di Ostia Antica and the Castle of Julius II, The Port, The Coastal Dunes, The Salt Pans, The Idroscalo, Roman Coastal Nature Reserve, Tor Paterno Shoals, Roman Theater of Ostia Antica, Presidential Estate of Castel Fusano